RGJM4600 Painted Lady Milled MDF


RGJM4600 Painted Lady 30″W x 22″D x 42 3/4″H – 7 Huge Rooms

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RGJM4600 Painted Lady 30″W x 22″D x 42 3/4″H – 7 Huge Rooms
The beautiful Painted Lady dollhouse kit is reminiscent of the famous Victorian Painted Ladies of San Francisco. Just think of the decorating possibilities!

The Painted Lady Dollhouse Kit Classic Features Include:

Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown*
Precision Workmanship – engineered parts pre-cut to really work**
Sturdy Construction features 3/8 inch thick milled clapboard exterior walls and grooved sidewalls for easy, one-step assembly, guaranteed fit and durability
3/8 inch thick upper floors
Wooden shingles for the roof
Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
Assembled oval window and doors
Kit windows (no interior trim) and staircases
Detailed trims are pre-cut, smooth stripwood trims are supplied in lengths.
Room dividers accept standard interior doors
Silkscreened windows
Expertly molded railings Milled MDF

Additional information

Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 39 × 22 × 5 in


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